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From Fox2/News11:
The third annual StormFest will be held on February 9th in Arnold, MO starting at noon. The event will be held at the 1st Baptist Church.

You can meet the FOX 2 and News 11 weather teams. We will be discussing weather patterns in the area, preparing for emergency situations and much more. More details about participants topics are coming soon.

The event is free and open to the public.

In an effort to take some of the workload off of Chris, we'll use this as our Chris's Corner registration forum--or at least the start of one until somebody comes up with something better.  I'm not up on Google Docs, so I'll simply add names to a master list and delete posts to keep this from going multiple pages.  Also, as a reminder, we're working on a semi-official Chris's Corner t-shirt (designed by Elkay), which will hopefully be finished by Feb 9.  If you want one, PM me your size.  It's probably best to order all short sleeves, just to keep the order simple.  If we want them by the 9th, I have to put the order in on Monday of next week (28th).

Sign up below with a post--ATTENDING or MAYBE ATTENDING, or in Labrat's case NOT ATTENDING BECAUSE I'M IN HAWAI'I.

Marissa, IL
Extreme SE St. Clair County

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Attending (or at least "planning on attending"):
1. dschreib--with armed guards
2. wrestlerdude
3. reb
4. showtime--one of dschreib's armed guards.  Just kidding.  Well, not really.  He has arms, but he won't be carrying a gun.
5. Mad--if she can dig out of the foot of snow at her house
6. lunchladyd--Mad momma?
7. SouthOakville
8. stormfan
9. addicted2weather
10. ElKay23--The Great Designer
11. amstilost--just Google directions
12. giarC71
13. fox2ch--but only because he has to speak
14. Scoggin7
15. deerkiller0821
16. philbilly
17. BRTNWXMAN--even if they're not serving Stag
18. Jeffcobeeman--bees are staying home, though
19. Blizzard123
20. ArnoldMoWeather--IHBY
21. kerryldilks--future shirt orderer
22. luvhockey
23. beaker--don't know how long he'll be there, though.  I see him showing up, yelling "Mee mee mee" a few times, getting shocked, and then catching something on fire.

Maybe Attending:
1. RyanD--only if he can carpool with WG
2. klinn05
3. kathysvideos
4. Mchafin
5. nrs2420
6. guyfromhecker
7. thebigsnow, MoC...ah, nevermind
8. LovableWeatherGuy--we're gonna need him to spread the love...a LOT.
9.  bum ba dum dum dum dum dum

Definitely (or at least probably) Not Attending
1. Labrat--one measly $1000 plane ticket.  Zero dedication.
2. weatherjason
3. guyatacomputer--God, family, snowy weather, severe that order
4. Stud--neither sober nor drunk
5. GoUTKVOLS--roots for a good team, but more interested in beads and haboobs that weekend.
6. SoCoTpt--Southern Comfort Teapot?
7. lizard7151971--Sleepy, but will turn into Happy
8. koll27--what better way to spend a 1st birthday than at StormFest2013
9. snowcat--You can dance if you want to.  You can leave your friends behind (showing my age...)
10. Jeepers--Needs another spouse.  Not a different one--an additional one.

Marissa, IL
Extreme SE St. Clair County

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My friend won't be able to attend tomorrow, but would like a shirt if you have extras.  Small is first choice, medium is second choice.

See you tomorrow!

"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men." Fredrick Douglas

St. Clair, MO (Parkway) 63077

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Were extra T-shirts ordered? My son is probably coming with me (He loves weather more than most of us...which says something!) and I would love for him to have a shirt. He is 12 yrs old, but if no kids shirts he can probably fit into a adult small.
Troy, MO

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Well, I woke to my son saying he didn't sleep well because he was so cold. All mommy's know that's warning sign, and sure enough he was raging with fever! Along with it, a bad sore throat. Looks like I don't get to come today but some things are more important. Lunchladyd will not be coming as well since I was her ride. We still want our shirts, so just let us know how we can get them. Thanks. Hope you guys have fun today! I guess I'll be watching from the laptop today...

Troy, MO

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I am going from maybe to no, sigh. Like Mad, I have two sick kiddos at home now. Let me know about the shirt but if you have people there that have the cash and you need to sell, that's ok too. Let me know! Enjoy today!
Kim: Eureka, MO
Near Hwy 44 and Hwy 109

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Illness here, too.  Pease let me know how I can get my shirt.  Kids and I will be watching from home.

SW St. Louis

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I have shirts reserved for the following:

klinn05 (2)

I'll check to see how much it'll be to mail them to you.  I don't think it's going to cost much.  PM me if you can meet me somewhere between Marissa and Sauget.

Besides these, I have extras in the following:
Large (2)
XL (3)
2XL (1)

Send me a PM if interested--first come, first served.  $16 (+ shipping...maybe).  BUT WAIT!  Order now and I'll throw in...ahh, forget it.  I don't have anything else to offer for the SPECIAL LOW PRICE.  I should've had Chris autograph a bunch of pictures yesterday.

Marissa, IL
Extreme SE St. Clair County

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Some of my pictures from Stormfest:
Btwn Columbia & Waterloo, Illinois
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